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UCET welcomes keynote speakers, Vicki Davis (@coolcatteacher) and Jay Mcfarland (@JayMcfarland).
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Friday, April 3


Assigning, Collecting, and Returning Work Paperlessly with Google Tools
Google Apps for Education offer teachers all the tools they need to assign, collect, grade, and return work to their students in the cloud. No paper necessary. In this session, we will walk through an effective workflow teachers can use to assign meaningful work to students, collect it in an organized manner, and give effective feedback quickly with Google Tools. http://professionallyproofed.com/ucet


Jeff Winget

Teacher, UHS
For the last 6-7 years, I have used Google Apps for Education in my classroom. During that time, I have experimented with many different ways of managing day-to-day classroom workflow using those tools, and I have found many useful ways of doing things that enhance the learning environment... Read More →

Friday April 3, 2015 10:15am - 11:15am
Room 2028 Seltz 11917 South 6000 West, Herriman, Utah 84096


Audit-grade EdTech Analytics: How Does Your School Measure Up?
Would you be shocked to learn that at one 1:1 school, administrators discovered 10% of students never used their school-issued laptops? The school sure was. They didn't even know about their critical usage gap until they started tracking their digital resources. What's even more shocking is the vast majority of schools have no system in place to track the usage of their edtech assets. You wouldn't drive a car without a speedometer - why would you spend millions on laptops and other edtech devices without a way to measure their effectiveness? Join the president and CEO of LabStats, Stephen Loosli, as he walks you through case studies of how analytics from EduTrends have helped district technology leaders create the most equitable and efficient edtech ecosystems they can.

avatar for Stephen Loosli

Stephen Loosli

President & CEO, LabStats
Stephen Loosli is the president and CEO of LabStats - makers of the cloud-based LabStats Online and EduTrends digital resources planning tools for higher ed and K-12, respectively. Boasting more than a decade of experience in edtech analytics, LabStats' products have been the technology... Read More →

Friday April 3, 2015 10:15am - 11:15am
Room 2528 David James


Creating Effective Science Videos Using Free Technologies
Recent research has identified specific skill sets that teachers need to effectively teach with digital tools in science disciplines. This technological pedagogical content knowledge is necessary for creating digital learning opportunities in a 21st century classroom. This session will begin with a lecture on frameworks for utilizing effective multimedia and video technology in science curriculum, present example instructional activities for teacher- and student-created videos, and then finish with a hands-on demonstration of three free video creation tools: Stupeflix, VideoStar, and WeVideo. https://sites.google.com/site/lisaferrara/home/presentations


Lisa Ferrara

Research Assistant, MIND Lab, University of Utah
Lisa is a researcher at the University of Utah College of Education multimedia and instructional design lab who conducts learning research in STEM topics. Lisa also teaches technology integration courses in the Educational Psychology department.

Friday April 3, 2015 10:15am - 11:15am
Library Media Lab 11917 South 6000 West, Herriman, Utah 84096


Everything You Need to Know About #UTedchat & Twitter Chats
Twitter has become a very popular tool for educators to use when trying to improve their teaching skills because it allows you to connect with other teachers all over the world. Getting involved with different Twitter chats is another way teachers can increase their knowledge and have fun learning. #UTedChat is a weekly Twitter chat that focuses on Utah teachers and helps us connect with one another so we can learn from teachers in our own state dealing with some of the same questions and issues we face. As fun as and informative as these Twitter chats can be, they can also be downright difficult to figure out how to follow along AND add to the conversation. Come learn how to effectively participate in these chats by learning about different technology tools that can help this process along. We will cover a multitude of different tools that will make following along as well as contributing a snap! We will look at both free and paid versions of tools allowing everyone the opportunity to learn and grow with #UTedChat each week as well as the many other Twitter chats available!

avatar for Jared Covili

Jared Covili

Board Member, UCET
Jared Covili has been a trainer at Utah Education Network (UEN) for 13 years. He specializes in teaching strategies for classroom integration of technology such as Google Apps for Education, geospatial learning, social media strategies, and digital devices. Previously, Jared was a... Read More →

avatar for Derek Larson

Derek Larson

EdTech Director, SEDC

Friday April 3, 2015 10:15am - 11:15am
Room 2503 McNelt


Investigating Technology
Trying to decide which is the best technology for your classroom or school? In this highly interactive session, we will compare the advantages and limitations for using various technologies, including: iPads, Android tablets, Chrome books, Kindles, computers, and laptops. Bring your experience with any of these devices to share with your colleagues. bugbrained.com/handouts/ucet.html


Bev Miner

Vice-President, BugbrainED
Beverly Miner is the Vice-President of Bugbrained, LLC and app developer. This is her 3rd year presenting at UCET. She is celebrating her 33rd year in education as a literacy specialist at Vineyard Elementary, Alpine School District. She received her Master of Education at Utah State... Read More →

Friday April 3, 2015 10:15am - 11:15am
Room 2515 11917 South 6000 West, Herriman, Utah 84096


NASA Smart Skies: Modeling DRT Math through Air Traffic Control
Imagine 40,000 commercial flights per day soaring across US airspace. Talk about a large-scale, real-world distance-rate-time problem! Yet air traffic controllers deftly handle this problem every day through focus, quick decision-making, and mathematics. In this session you will learn how to use the context of air traffic control to transform your students’ ability to make sense of and solve distance-rate-time problems using basic middle school math. We will first use an engaging online simulator to model spacing conflicts between two to five airplanes. Then we will use sample material from the paper-and-pencil workbooks to learn how to apply proportional reasoning to solve each problem with strategic route and speed changes. By the end of the session, you will be able to help students mentally detect, analyze, and resolve air traffic conflicts and then communicate a solution that meets both time and spacing requirements. Products featured in this workshop will include the Sector 33 air traffic control simulator, print-based workbooks, and supporting videos and animations. All materials demonstrated in this session are free and readily available on the NASA Smart Skies website. (The simulator is available as both a web app and iOS app.) http://smartskies.nasa.gov

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Rebecca Green

Smart Skies Project Lead, NASA
Rebecca Green holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Education and a teaching credential for K-8 education. She has supported the NASA Office of Education at Ames Research Center in northern California for eleven years and currently serves as Lead for the Smart Skies project. Rebecca... Read More →

Friday April 3, 2015 10:15am - 11:15am
Room 2119 - 11917 South 6000 West, Herriman, Utah 84096


Technology for the 21st Century Classroom
rom top-tier universities to the US Department of Education, it has been proven that technology in the classroom improves learning & retention, and even raises test scores. This session will focus on technology's role in today's classroom and how it can be used to elevate the level of education we provide students. From very simple fixes such as ensuring a teacher's voice can be clearly heard by all students, to the more complex solution of student response systems, we will provide examples of technology in the educational setting. Additionally, this session will introduce the latest concepts and ideas to create a better integrated classroom.

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GENCOMM™ helps organizations solve real problems with unique technology solutions. We provide functional meeting spaces, collaboration opportunities, internal and external branding/messaging platforms, building management tools, exciting work environments, and real ROI-driven audio... Read More →
avatar for Ingolf de Jong

Ingolf de Jong

President and CEO, GENCOMM
Ingolf is the CEO/President of General Communications, Inc. and has over 38 years of experience in the building technology industry. His expertise is working with clients to find creative technology solutions that allow them to be more efficient within their working environment. Some... Read More →

Friday April 3, 2015 10:15am - 11:15am
Room 2605 Fletcher


Using online resources in your classes, tips on using the Gale Reference Collection
The Gale Reference Collection is new to the UEN website. It contains a lot of great material and resources for teachers in many different subject areas: Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science. The collection spans all ages K-12 and allows students access to easily research and learn more about topics ranging from opposing viewpoints, global issues, biographies, current events, and many more. Don't let the title keep you away, this a great resource for you and your students. uen.org/ucet

avatar for Jared Fawson

Jared Fawson

Professional Learning Specialist, UEN
I am a technology integration specialist for the Utah Education Network. I am ISTE certified and currently teaching the ISTE certification course.

Friday April 3, 2015 10:15am - 11:15am
Room 2406 Escossio 11917 South 6000 West, Herriman, Utah 84096


Technology Smackdown
Enjoy a smackdown of the top tools. Learn about some cool new tools and share your own. Vicki Davis, Cool Cat Teacher will share her top tools while the audience joins in with some smacking' good apps and tools of your own.

avatar for Vicki Davis

Vicki Davis

Teacher/IT Director, Westwood Schools/Cool Cat Teacher Blog
Named as the #4 Influencer in Education Technology on Onalytica's list of education influencers. Hello! I'm Vicki Davis, a classroom teacher with 14 years of experience teaching high school. I have 18 years of experience teaching teachers how to use technology in the classroom. I... Read More →

Friday April 3, 2015 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Choir Room 11917 South 6000 West, Herriman, Utah 84096